Friday, October 28, 2011

Adventures in Diaperless Babies

The other night Erin sent me a picture of the girls standing naked at the top of the stairs.  They were holding onto the railing and just hanging out.

My first thought was "Oh, that's cute."

My immediate second thought was "I hope they don't pee/poop on the floor."

Erin has been doing this since I started working more evenings.  I haven't been there to help with baths, so she lets either Ana or Grace crawl around naked while she dresses the other one in her pajamas.  Trust me it is easier in the moment than trying to deal with both of them at once.

Personally I've never really liked the idea.  I'm all for letting them be a little free and to air out every so often, but I also like my carpeting remaining in tact.

This particular picture was sent to me while I was still at work.  I didn't get home until about a half hour later.  I was greeted with them still standing naked at the top of our stairs.  Until that point we had averted disaster.

But we had apparently tempted fate enough.  As I dressed Ana, Grace peed on the floor right next to the changing table.  She looked up at me after finishing with a very satisfied look on her face.  So we cleaned the floor and learned our lesson.

Or at least I thought we learned our lesson.

The next night, Erin once again let Ana crawl around our upstairs landing naked.  She was pulling our towels out of the cabinets.  She was moving from room to room.  She was reveling in the fact that she was free while I was changing her sister.

Then I heard Erin exclaim "NO ANA, NO!"

I asked if she was okay thinking that she may be doing something that put her in danger.  Erin just laughed.  And said that there was an accident.  Great.  More pee on the floor.

Nope.  This had more of a fecal feel to it.  And when I say "feel" I of course am referring to Ana playing with the fresh pile she just left on the floor.  So we were back to wiping her down and giving her a second bath.  Part of me wonders if she did it for the sole purpose of getting back into the bath tub to play with her duckies and toys unincumbered by her sister.

Either way the lesson has been learned as far as I'm concerned.  No more naked nights of bodily functions as long as dad is around.

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