Saturday, October 8, 2011

Daddy Daughter Days

I know that this is a couple of days behind my normally scheduled Thursday post.  I have no excuse besides being incredibly busy.  So you won't have to read more than that.

Onward and upward!

Thursday kind of started out crappy.  There were a bunch of people off because of meetings and training, so I had to go into work in the morning on my normal day off.  It wasn't too terrible except I was one of only three people in the office.  Even then I didn't really need to be there since there was no one coming in for some reason.  Either way it took a morning with my girls away from me.  Boo to that.

The girls were already worked up and exploring when I got home.  They want to know how the oven works.  Maybe they're planning on baking me some cookies.

While in the kitchen, the girls always seem to find their way to the same cupboards to pull out their favorite plastic ware (mostly because everything else is locked up).  This always leads to some fun of the girls fighting over the same pieces.  Namely the bowl you see below.

First Ana had it.
The Grace took it from her.
Then we got a little silly.

The afternoon gave us a little duality of baby action.  Ana has been fighting her naps recently.  Not really sure the reasoning behind it, but she has fought it nonetheless.  Grace on the other hand has been going down without issue.  Thursday afternoon was no different.

This is an example of a kid that doesn't want to nap.

And here is an example of a kid who enjoys her naps.

It was a pretty good Thursday all things considered.  I still got to spend time with the girls.  We still went on a family walk when my wife got home from work.  We had a great dinner time and bath/bed time.  Even working in the morning didn't ruin my day with the girls.

And they seem to love it.

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erin - mutterings of eringirl said...

They were checking out the oven again today. I think they wanted to make cookies.

I am sure they were sad that they missed you part of Thursday, but there are many more to come!