Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Twitter Machine Tuesday

Another Tuesday, another Twitter Machine.

This is a very special Twitter Machine.  Sort of like those episodes of Saved by the Bell when Jesse has too much on her plate because she is an awesome student, the student body president, a cheerleader and in the group Hot Sundae with Kelly and Lisa.  So she deals with the problem by taking caffeine pills.  Until Zack confronts her and gets the "I'm so excited. I'm so...so...SCARED ZACK" moment that will live in YouTube infamy.

Only it isn't special like that because I'm not addicted to caffeine pills nor am I so, so scared of anything.  Instead this post is very special because I will reveal the winner of the 100th Post Icing on the Cupcake Giveaway Extravaganza Spectacular.  But you have to sit through my Twitter Machine first.  You could also just scroll to the bottom of the page, but you'd be losing out on the wonderful insight that I provide in these posts.  By insight I of course mean mildly offensive and random thoughts.

Without further ado (or any ado really)...

-I realized when I posted the above picture that the Chickenhawk was the original Angry Bird.
-I don't have feelings either way about Columbus Day, but I apparently know a lot of people that hate Columbus.
-Or they at least used it as an opportunity to rail on Colonialism.
-Steve Jobs was a great businessman, had vision and was a master marketer.
-He was also (according to everything I've read) an incredible asshole who bullied people.
-Not saying you can't mourn his death. Not saying it isn't tragic. Just saying I choose to not deify the guy.
-Al Davis was also ahead of his time, bucked the system, questioned authority and took chances. He deserves a moment of reflection.
-Netflix is all over the place and seems to lack direction. Not really reassuring at this point. #newcoke
-Whitney has lasted about 4 episodes too long. Have 4 episodes aired? #feelslike30
-I actually haven't watched a single episode of Whitney. So I have a lot in common with America.
-The national nightmare is over. The Simpsons will have a 24th and 25th season.
-Seriously NBA get your shit together. I don't want to miss an entire season of basketball. #2weeksoff
-Starting to think David Stern is just a huge dick.
-Erin on the George Harrison doc by Scorsese: This is the most boring Beatles thing ever
-She also was enthralled by 3 minutes of Sister Wives #noremotecontrol
-Why was a woman in her 39th week of pregnancy even running a marathon? #makinguslookbad
-Ben Folds Retrospective on the way to my mailbox. Happy Birthday to me!
-Didn't Toyota Tacoma do the exact same marketing campaign that Nissan Frontier is doing now?
-Apparently Rihanna is the sexiest woman alive according to Esquire. No one could beat her. #toosoon
-People are actually dressing up like superheroes and fighting crime.
-I don't have a joke for that. I just want to know how quickly before one of them gets shot.
-The girls like to go into our closets and look for clothes and shoes.
-I couldn't get at least a year or two of not having clothing-obsessed daughters?
-You can keep American Idol and X-Factor. The Sing Off is incredible and waaaay better.
-The Avengers will be incredible and has the potential to be the most entertaining thing that happens in 2012 #nerdalert
-There are some cupcake lovers out there just chomping at the bit to know who won. #justasec
-I obviously love my girls. If I didn't, it would only take a smile to convert me.
-Sometimes I just sit in their room next to the cribs and stare at them. #whoneedstv
-The problem with actually knowing how to fix your computer is everyone wanting you to help them with theirs.
-Okay.  I know I've stalled long enough. The winner is below.

The 6th entry was Janelle over at Renegade Mothering.  I love her blog.  I couldn't even tell you if she likes cupcakes or not or if she'd give them to her kids.  If not, she can always re-gift them.  Congratulations Janelle!!!  Enjoy the cupcakes!


Unknown said...

pretty bummed that I did not win, but sweet post. I enjoyed reading, and not just because I wanted to get to the bottom to see if I won.

Unknown said...

the above was from Kevin

Kim {Yep, they are all mine} said...

Another great post, BG.

renegademothering said...

WAIT. I won something? Hells yeah. And thank you. Every time I read your blog I like it more and more. You're a great writer and funny as hell.

I realize Kim doesn't like cupcakes (How is that possible? That's like not laughing at your Saved by the Bell recap (which was awesome, by the way). I will most likely eat them all and lie to my kids about where they went.

And that, my friend, is why I have a fat ass.

Thanks again.