Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Twitter Machine Tuesday

Welcome back to the Twitter Machine.

My birthday is on Sunday, so I treated myself with a phone upgrade this past Sunday.  I've finally moved up from my iPhone 3G to the 4s which is sort of like moving up from a regular color tv to an HD tv.  Night and day as far as I'm concerned.  For the first time my phone has video and a really high quality camera, so I'll be sure to treat you with a lot more videos and pictures of the girls.  I may even start doing a week in pictures/videos again.

I will say that the Apple experience of buying a new iPhone is a little tedious and self-important.  You have to reserve your phone for the next day.  But you can't log on to the Apple website to do that until after 9pm.  This of course leads to crashes and lag time on your computer because everyone else that wants one is doing the exact same thing and the exact same time.  Once you finally get on, you have to pick which model and color you want, but the color and large storage capacity that you want can easily be gone in the 5 minutes it took you to get on.  Luckily I wanted an apparently unpopular black 16GB model, so good for me.  Then you go to the Apple store the next day, and your reservation gives you the priviledge of waiting in a line.

I'm happy with my purchase, but Apple goes out of their way to paint this picture of exclusivity.  They want to keep pushing this hip, exclusive image yet a huge percentage of smartphone owners have the iPhone.  It ain't that exclusive.

Anyways that's my rant for the day.  On to my ramblings...

-MTV is doing True Life: I'm Occupying Wall Street. Alternate title: True Life: I Live in My Mom's Basement the Rest of the Year
-What are we gaining questioning Obama's birthplace at this point? #birthersareidiots
-Sad to buy my own birthday presents. Happy to upgrade my phone after almost 2.5 years and get exactly what I want.
-John Lennon's tooth is up for auction. Surprising that an Englishman's tooth is still in tact after this long.
-I have to wonder what sort of pleasure can be derived from the tooth of a dead man?
-I don't think @erinsgirls likes my new relationship with Siri on my iPhone.
-She just needs to look at Siri as if she is a sister wife. That should smooth things over.
-The Rangers were nice enough to let the Giants celebrate on their field last year. That's why I'm rooting for them.
-I have to work late on Halloween. Not that the girls are ready for trick or treating, but I love handing out candy to kids.
-I've eaten pizza three days in a row. That's what you call the tripletta in Italian.
-I'm addicted to WhySiriWhy.com.  Quite entertaining.
-How come the rudest people always complain about how rude everyone is?
-Samuel Adams Oktoberfest has moved up the charts of my favorite beers.
-The top spot is still a tie between Trois Pistole and Pliny the Elder.
-Bridge School Benefit's lineup this year is one of the best they've ever rolled out. So sad we could go. #parentalsacrifice
-@erinsgirls logged serious time with the Kim Kardashian wedding. It says something that she didn't remember anyone's name from the show.
-Why wasn't there more made of Richard Kimble and his 13-year-old son? #kindergartencop
-Tim Tebow uses God to win games. Seems unfair to me.
-I try to do everything by voice command now. Erin isn't too fond of it.
-Can't praise The Sing Off enough. So enjoyable and different. And there is an abundance of star power.
-I love that they are actually doing battles between the bottom two teams each week.
-Grace has become a total ham. She sees a camera and gets the biggest smile on her face.
-Grace also has become quite adept at taking back her toys that Ana steals and is mastering keep away
-I tried to use Siri to write this whole post. She was being pretty obstinate.

That's all for this week.  Hope your week will be as good as mine (probably not unless you have a birthday coming up).

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