Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Twitter Machine Tuesday

The weather is finally changing where we live, so we can now officially welcome the fall.  It isn't really official until we get our first fall rain which happened last night/today.  Fall has always been my favorite season for a number of reasons.  Sweater weather.  Fall storms.  Leaves changing.  Pumpkins!  Great food.  Count Chocula cereal.  Fun-size candy.  Pie season.  And most importantly my birthday and Halloween at the end of October.

At least it was most important until November of last year.  From that point forward, the girls birthday trumps all.  Between that and seeing the girls in Halloween costumes, fall just got a lot more awesome.  And I have this crazy feeling that the girls will take after their mom and dad and love the fall too.

Before all the birds fly south for winter, here is this week's Twitter Machine:

-Are midgets required to use a car seat?
-Apple made an announcement and people aren't nearly as excited as normal. #rescueusstevejobs
-I'm still going to buy the shit out of an iPhone 4s.
-If the new iPhone had all the crap it is getting and was called a 5, people would be thrilled.
-Comparing people to Hitler is getting a little old. Yes, your boss passing you over for a promotion is just like Hitler killing all those Jews.
-We're almost done with Mad Men. An instance where all old episodes on Instant Queue leading us to watch new episodes on TV.
-I had Princess Bride on the other day. Ana was enthralled.
-Every snarky blog post ever written owes everything to Andy Rooney. Crotchety old men are the best.
-Arrested Development is coming back! And a movie too! In case you didn't know, I'm doing Gob's chicken dance right now.
-I've never understood the appeal of trampolines. So the only two outcomes are bouncing higher or getting horribly injured? #signmeup
-Mixed feelings about The Simpsons possibly not coming back. 23 years feels long enough, but it's hard to imagine life without.
-The Playboy Club got cancelled after two episodes. My reaction: They kept it that long?
-I'm kind of addicted to Person of Interest. It's the only new show that I'm watching this fall.
-That's the end of my TV recap for the week.
-Actually last TV thing, The Wonder Years is now on Instant Queue. And Erin and I have something to watch after Mad Men.
-I love zombies as much as anyone. Well not as much as people attending zombie invasions all across the country.
-Not getting political or anything. Just want to know: What do the Occupy Wall Street people actually want?
-I want the two new books by the Chucks (Klosterman and Palahniuk) so badly. Birthdays right around the corner.
-Grace was trying to climb into the tub this morning. These kids love bath time.
-I hate people that use the term Rock-tober. Lame and stupid.
-Ketchup and mustard in the same bottle really is genius. Why hasn't that happened? #kramericaindustries
-The girls love pasta. To the point that they ignore every other food we give them if there is pasta on their tray.
-I always prefer pie, but I do love cupcakes.

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