Friday, October 21, 2011

Daddy Daughter Days (and Night)

Last Thursday was great for me, but it would have been an incredibly boring read for all of you.  And I'm not here to bore you (at least intentionally).  I just figured that you didn't have to read an entire post about me and the girls playing on the floor in the living room.

This week we actually did some stuff.

Ana and Grace love plastic ware as I've already discussed previously.  More accurately Grace likes to play with anything she can get her hands on.  She focuses mostly on a plastic colander that she likes to put over her head.  Ana could really take or leave any of the stuff.  Her main goal has become pulling everything out of the cabinet and throwing it on the floor.  She then just crawls away to play with something else.  I think she wants to distract me while she she gets into something isn't supposed to in another room.

She does the same routine in the bedroom when I'm changing her sister.  She'll pull all the clothes out of the dresser, throw them all over the floor and then crawl away like nothing happened.  At this point all I can do is laugh at it because what am I going to do?  It's not as if she is doing something terribly wrong.  It's definitely annoying and yet strangely cute.  Either way at this point she will now be known as the mini-tornado with a path of "destruction" left in her wake.

When they finally went down for their nap, I went to work cleaning up our kitchen, doing laundry, trimming tree branches, sweeping the back yard and other various jobs.  Owning a house means your "day off" is just time to do more work.  These are times I missed a homeowners association.  No rest for the daddy.

After waking up, the girls and I ate lunch together.  I love eating with them.  They mimic what I do.  They try to feed me whatever they're eating.  When I take their trays off their high chairs, they immediately start looking for leftover food scraps in their bibs.  Lunch time is always entertaining.

After lunch the girls and I went to the mall.  Yes, I became one of those stay-at-home parents that takes his kids to the mall instead of walking outside.  Don't judge.

I faced temptation while I was there.

You know you want an iPhone Dada
 Ana was trying to talk me into buying a new iPhone as a birthday present for myself.  I probably would have too if the one I wanted was in stock.  I love that they make you line up outside of the store like it's some exclusive nightclub.  I get it Apple.  You're hip and the place to be and everyone wants your products because of said hipness.  No need for the velvet ropes and bouncer (well nylon and a genius bar employee but whatever).

I also thought about getting Ana and Grace something from the Disney store, but they really don't need another stuffed animal.  So instead I gave them the gift of disappointment.

Don't get too attached Grace
 Sorry Grace.  No Tigger today.

We ran into a family friend while we were at the mall.  She loves the girls.  And they really love her too.  Grace was giving her huge smiles, and Ana was playing shy.  Either way it was nice to run into someone we know while aimlessly wondering the mall.

After we got home there was a minor meltdown from both girls.  They were hungry and tired which is never a good combination.  Especially when it is multiplied by two.  We did simultaneous bottles and went right into a nap.  And this was my first rest of the day.

They woke up when Erin got home.  She was in charge of their pasta dinner.  I appreciated the extra few minutes of rest because I knew Erin was going out with her Mother's of Multiples group, and I knew I'd be handling bath, bottle and bed time on my own.

Bath time reminds you that twins are a lot more work than singletons.  From standing up in the tub to trying to push each other over to playing tug-o-war with one of the 6 rubber duckies in the tub because Ana has to have the one Grace is holding.

They do however produce some damn cute pictures.
I didn't do it


The only time both of them sat still

They went to bed almost immediately, and I vegged out until Erin got home.  For a day off, we sure did a lot.

See you next week.

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