Friday, October 28, 2011

Daddy Daughter Days

Back again with our Thursday adventures!

When my family was over this past weekend, my mom asked when I'd be able to bring the girls down to visit her at work.  She was very excited about showing them off to her coworkers.  I don't blame her.  They are quite wonderful, and I've been told that by a countless number of complete strangers.  So it was decided that I would be taking them down to visit on my next day off.

So the plans of the day centered around driving down to Elk Grove to show off the girls at my mom's work.

The day started off just like every other Thursday.  We brought the girls into our bed, so Grace could have a bottle and Ana could nurse.  Then the girls decided that they would try their hardest to push me out of the bed.  I don't know the reasoning behind it.  You'd think they'd be cool with the idea of sharing since they're twins and all.  No dice.  So I was in bed with half my ass hanging off.  Meanwhile I tried to keep them from tumbling over me into a pile on the ground.

I persevered and kept them from plummeting to sure doom.

After Erin left for work we did our normal mid-to-late morning routine of playing on the floor, emptying the tupperware onto the floor and chasing each other from room to room.

I have to explain this steering wheel toy.  It is both mesmerizing and annoying all at the same time.  You can't help but get the horrible little songs that it plays stuck in your head.  It sings the alphabet and counts numbers.  It points out dogs and birds and trucks and trains as you "drive" it.  I find myself humming the tunes throughout the day, but more in a disease you can't get rid of sort of way.  Grace LOVES it.  I can't emphasize enough how much she adores this little toy.

Seriously.  Look how happy she is.
 The girls really do love to play with each other.  They gravitate towards the same toys.  Grace gets a kick whenever she sees Ana.  Ana yells when she sees Grace.  It's quite adorable.

These sisters are always playing together
I wanted to make sure that the girls had a really good nap before taking them down to visit my mom.  The only thing that can make a drive down to Elk Grove a little less enjoyable is fussy babies.  Ana as usual wasn't too fond of cooperating with dad's plan.

Loving how annoyed she looks here

They did end up napping a little bit, so we ate lunch, changed diapers and made the trek to Elk Grove.

My mom was very excited to see the girls as were all of her co-workers.  They were very nice and loved seeing the girls.  Grace put on a show for all these new people and Ana wanted so badly to get on the floor and explore this brand new place.

Unfortunately I was a little unprepared.  Grace had a huge poop earlier in the day, and I had just changed her before we left.  I figured she'd be good until late that afternoon.  She wasn't.  She had another big poop that got on her diaper cover.  I thought it wasn't that big a deal.  I grabbed the diaper bag as I ran out the door, so I figured I was covered.  Unfortunately Erin had just cleaned out the diaper bag, so there were no fresh covers or disposable diapers.  And the wipes that were in there had dried out.  So I did my best to clean her and her cover with what I had.

I decided to cut our visit a little short as a result of the nightmare diaper.  It was a good thing I did because someone at work needed me to come in and cover for him in the evening.  I would have never had time to get ready if I had spent anymore time at my mom's work.

It was a fun day.  I even shot a video this morning.  I'll have that uploaded this weekend for all to enjoy as soon as I can figure how to make it work on Blogger.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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