Saturday, February 11, 2012

Daddy Daughter Days

I know that I'm a few days behind on my normal Thursday post.  This is what happens when you work open to close on a Friday and have no time to write.

But you don't care about my excuses.  You just care about pictures of my children, so I'll get on with it.

I love when they "read" their books.  Grace speaks in gibberish as if that is the sentence structure in her colors or counting books.  Ana slams her hand against anything she likes and says "doggy" or "happy happy happy".  Yes it is as adorable as it sounds.

We broke out a new toy this week that is basically a modified leaf elephant form.  It shoot balls our of it's trunk when you push a button.  Ana likes to push it and run away.  Grace likes to push it and keep her hand over the trunk, so she can grab the ball.  They've also figured out where to put the plastic balls to have them shoot in the air.  And after a few days, they figured out the air coming out of the trunk will blow in their face, and that makes them laugh.

They both decided to take turns wearing their mom's fuzzy hat.  By taking turns I mean that Grace saw Ana wearing it and chased after her until she could get it off her head.  Later when Grace inevitably lost interest in it, she took it off and Ana kept trying to put it back on Grace's head.

Ana also pulled it over her own eyes and got the hugest smile on her face.  It's the little things I guess.

With Valentine's Day coming up, the girls and I decided to go shopping for Erin.  I love then planning and execution that goes into giving gifts.  I always try to put a lot of thought into the process and really consider what people want.  Even if they didn't really know they wanted it.

Grace is ready for pitchers and catchers to report.  Bring on baseball season already!

Our new Thursday tradition.  We play in the back yard.  We throw the ball up in the air as high as we can.  We climb the bridge.  At one point Grace lost her footing and tumbling off the bridge into the grass.  I had a mini-heart attack.  She just looked up at the sky and started laughing.  Glad to know she tries to find the humor in things at such an early age.

I'm taking part in the February Photo A Day challenge on Instagram.  Thursday's prompt was front door.  I tried to get a picture with the girls from outside our front door, but that turned into a herding cats situation since the both just wanted to run in opposite directions.  Instead I took a photo of what we have above our front door.  It's Gaelic for "a thousand warm welcomes".

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.  See you next Thursday.

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