Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Twitter Machine Tuesday

I know everyone else is writing Valentine's Day themed posts since, you know, it's actually Valentine's Day.  That just isn't my style.  Because if nothing else, I am a creature of habit, and my habit is doing Twitter Machine posts on Tuesday.  So I'm not breaking that tradition today.

I'll bare my soul and confess my Valentine's related love for my wife tomorrow.  Plus then I can openly discuss her present without ruining any surprises.

For now I'm doing what I do every Tuesday: My fake Twitter Machine.


-Whitney Houston's death was only slightly more shocking than the Michael Jackson death
-I only say that because there wasn't an MJ story that would actually shock me
-100% of the pressure of Valentine's Day falls on the husband or boyfriend. Wives & girlfriends? Show up.
-Any time she says "We don't have to do anything for Valentine's Day", she is lying.
-Even if she swears up and down not to buy her anything, ignore her and do something anyways #itsforyourowngood
-My favorite thing right now are geeky Valentines like LOST, Parks and Rec and The Office themed
- For example, Chris Traeger Valentine: You are LITERALLY my favorite person EVER! #parksandrec
-Reese's Hearts are great but only serve as an appetizer for the Reese's Egg which is the greatest invention ever
-Didn't watch the Grammys. Was too busy having a fabulous dinner with my wife's family. More on that later this week.
-Pro-tip: Get her flowers for any other day BUT Valentine's Day. She'll appreciate it a lot more.
-I've caught a case of Lin-sanity
-I've never been a fan of the SI swimsuit issue, but I also was raised in the Maxim generation
-I do find it funny that the SI swimsuit issue comes out around Valentine's Day
-Ice cream in the middle of the work day should be a weekly thing
-Hell or even a daily thing
-I don't want to get too invested in new TV shows because it will just take away from my West Wing time
-Compromise: a settlement of a dispute in which two or more sides agree to accept less than they originally wanted
-What people actually think a compromise is: Just give me everything I want and I'll be happy
-Most overrated holiday candy: Conversation Hearts or Peeps?
-Pro-tip: The Princess Bride makes for a great Valentine's Day movie that you can both enjoy
-Ed Sheeran has been on repeat on my iPod. May be time for another criminally underrated.
-Why can't the government make breath mints mandatory?
-The only time I wish I lived inTennessee is when they announce the Bonnaroo line-up
-Pro-tip: Notes/Voice Memos are on the iPhone so you can remember the random shit she says she wants
-Normally I cook dinner for Erin for Valentine's Day. Working late has killed that tradition.

I'll have a Valentine's Day recap tomorrow.  Have a great V Day all you love birds.

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