Saturday, February 18, 2012

Daddy Daughter Days

Once again my busy life has gotten in the way of putting pen to paper or fingers to keys.  So I come to you late on my second consecutive week.  It didn't mean my day was any less enjoyable.  I hope you agree.

Ana wanted to start the day with a refreshing shower.  She has yet to figure out how to open the shower door, but that certainly won't stop her from trying.

Cream cheese on an English muffin.  Grace loved it.  Who would have thought?

Erin got a balloon for her birthday from one of our family friends.  The girls spent the morning fighting over it.  Actually Ana would smack it and run away.  Then she would try to take off with the plastic weight that keeps it from flying away.  Grace wasn't having that, so she played keep away from her sister.

Yes, I could get her down instead of taking the picture.  But I'm thinking of you dear readers.

When they girls go down for their nap, it is clean the house time.  If the kitchen is cleaned quickly enough, it becomes TV time for Dad.  I figure it's for the best to not subject my kids to zombies.  That's more of a year three kind of thing.

Grace woke up from her nap first, but she was feeling lonely.  She figured it was time for Ana to be up too, so she started reaching through the bars on the crib to get her up.

I love this kid so much!  Erin bought be a new Ireland hat.  Grace found it and actually put it on herself then started walking all over the house with it.

We went shopping all over.  We went to Ulta to buy Erin a new curling iron (Yes, I am an awesome husband.  Thanks for recognizing.).  Then we were to Home Depot for some stuff for around the house.  Finally we went to Target.  As I pulled Grace out of the car, she started saying "BALL" very enthusiastically.  I wondered what the heck she was talking about until I turned around and saw this in front of the Target.  Good call Grace.  It was a big ball.

Erin's birthday is around the corner.  It's Oreo's 100th birthday.  They have special edition Birthday Cake Oreos.  I had to purchase them.  They were amaze-balls of deliciosity.  Seriously.  Cake batter flavored Oreos.  Purchase them.  Now.

Have a great weekend everyone!  See you next Thursday.

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Becoming Supermommy said...

a) I also spend nap-time watching Walking Dead! Go Kirkman!

b) Yes, texting M to bring me cake oreos in three... two...