Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Twitter Machine Tuesday

Don't have much to say in the lead up to this week's Twitter Machine.  Erin had a great birthday and a fantastic party over the weekend.  My girls keep doing weird, hilariously cute things.  The Oscars and NBA All Stars happened.  I drank lots but not so much that I was sick the following day.  It was a great week.

Enjoy the machine!

-Didn’t watch the Oscars. Heard Billy Crystal did blackface #classy #topical
-Erin wants to watch the recording just to see Meryl Streeps acceptance speech. It can’t be that great.
-I just want to see the disappointment on Clooney’s face when he didn’t win #schadenfreude
-Didn’t really watch the NBA All-Star Game either
-Apparently something called a Pitbull performed at half time
-Chris Brown added some punch to the performance
-The Dunk Contest had more staging and costume changes than a Broadway musical
-If I wanted to see a bunch of props, I’d watch a Carrot Top set and then kill myself for wanting to watch a Carrot Top set
-Ana likes to turn on toys that make music and then just dances. Sweeter than a bowl of Lucky Charms and maple syrup.
-I cannot get enough of We Are Young by Fun. It’s going to be tough to top it for my song of the year.
-I love the Razzies. As a person who loves to hate sucky things, it’s the perfect awards for me.
-Leap Dave Williams is a movie that actually needs to be made #30rock
-When you think about it, Leap Day is utterly ridiculous. We play catch up every 4 years. #stupidcalendars
-If you don’t use credit in over 15 years, don’t expect to be handed a loan. #useitorloseit
-When you tell Ana to give the doggy a kiss, she tries to lick the dog’s head. I’d stop her, but too busy laughing.
-Grace’s dog-like tendency: Sticking out her tongue and panting like the dog does #seriouslythesekids
-Tis the season for Easter candy! Cadbury and Reese’s eggs own all candies!
-Erin’s wig birthday party was awesome. Everyone really embraced wigging out.
-Got to hang out with Kim at the party. Pretty much the most famous person I know.
-That’s sadly accurate, and I’m totally okay with it.
-Also got to meet Kim’s husband Todd for the first time. He is a blast and a half.
-We played beer pong and flip cup. It was the first time Kim had ever played either, and you could hardly tell. #sarcasm
-Still haven’t purchased presale tickets to The Hunger Games. I've not-so-subtly reminded Erin about 27 times.
-Grace also goes “Ah” after drinking something if you do it in front of her
-It makes me feel bad about cursing in front of them because they’re definitely going to copy that too
-Not bad enough that I've stopped doing it #shit
-Wanting so badly to see Snow Patrol and Ed Sheeran in May. Stupid responsibilities.

I'm off to plan my Leap Day party and my viewing schedule for Leap Dave Williams on USA (Characters Welcome).  Hope you all have a wonderful start to March.


kim {the non-mom blogger} said...

Damn, I love you guys. And your friends.

When's the next party?

erin - mutterings of eringirl said...

REESE'S EGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
our kids are flippin awesome

Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust said...

Reese's eggs are the best. Love the whole dog licking thing too!