Friday, February 3, 2012

Daddy Daughter Days

Every Thursday my wife takes my Subaru to work and leaves me the Highlander.  Mostly because the Subaru is small, and we've never really tried putting the car seats in my car.  So it's just easier to trade cars for the day.  This particular Thursday started with this text message:

It started a debate on Facebook.  Not really a debate.  Mostly Erin's friends all rushed to her defense and agreed that carrying dental floss in your car is totally normal.  I still don't buy it.  We can't make phone calls or text message while driving (which ironically she was doing), but everyone thinks it's okay to floss while driving?  Are all these people eating popcorn and peanut brittle behind the wheel?  I just wonder what Oprah would tell all these flossing drivers.  I have nothing against dental hygiene.  In fact I would consider myself pro-brushing and flossing.  I also get the floss in the purse thing because women carry EVERYTHING in their purses, but floss in the car is a little overboard and unnecessary.

After breakfast we decided to get every toy that we store in the basket next to the fireplace out and on the floor.  And an empty basket is the perfect place for two little girls to sit.

Grace was also playing her own version of peekaboo.  Or she just liked the taste of the arm rest on the couch.  Either way.

Ana decided that she wanted needed whatever was behind the TV stand.  That was until she had trouble getting back out.  Then it was up to dad to come to the rescue.  The moment she was out, she went right back to the TV stand and tried to squeeze behind it again.

The weather was so nice that we put on our hats and jackets and played in the back yard.  I took about 20 pictures, but I won't share them all.

Grace immediately gravitated to this wiffle ball.  Ball may be her favorite word (just need to teach her to say "Play" before it).  She was running through the grass and throwing this ball which was all sorts of adorable.

Ana went right to this little wooden bridge that goes over some rocks that border our grass.  She climbed onto it, and she couldn't be more proud of herself to be up there. 

Not wanting to be left out of all the fun that is bridge climbing, Grace joined her sister almost immediately.  She refused to let go of her ball, so steadying herself was an issue.  But she eventually climbed to the top too.

Ana kept finding herself in precarious positions.  Here she crawled into a shelf on our island.  But at least she was smart about it.  She put the tops of our Tupperware on the shelf above first to improve her dexterity and then crawled in.  Didn't stop her from getting stuck though.

She has great taste in movies.  Get it.  If she had picked out Groundhog Day to eat, I would have thought it was a sign.  I'll just need to floss out those bits of DVD.  If only I had some in my car.

Another great day with my girls.  Have a great weekend everyone.  Go footballers!

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erin - mutterings of eringirl said...

I totally won the great floss debate.

I wish I could be home for Daddy Daughter Days.