Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Twitter Machine Tuesday - Sappy Birthday Edition

Today is my wife's 30th birthday.

It's funny to look back on all the birthdays we've had together.  We started dating over 10 years ago, and her birthday has always been a source of found memories.  I remember going down to San Diego to celebrate with her while she was in college.  We'd drink too much and stay up too late.  We'd hang out in her dorm and eat at the Old Town Mexican Cafe on Sundays before I left.

I remember her 21st birthday.  Well I don't remember it in person because she was in Spain.  She called me in the middle of her night and the middle of my day after celebrating with her Spanish friends.  I told her how much I missed her and how much I hated not being with her on her birthday.

I remember moving to Colorado right before another one of her birthdays.  She didn't want to see me go.  She hated me when I left, and there was a part of me that hated myself.  She felt abandoned and had every right to.  I hated that I left her, but I'm also glad to have spent that time on my own.  It made me appreciate her that much more.

I will never spend another of her birthdays without her.  I want to be the man that is by her side on important days like today.  I want to give her all the gifts she deserves and all the love I can.  I can't wait to give her gifts that I've organized with our girls.  I see hundreds of handmade cards and gifts in her future.

I love my wife.  I love my best friend.  I love Grace & Ana's mom.

Happy Birthday Eringirl!

Now enough of the sap and on to the Twitter Machine:

-Birthday balloons are the girls' new favorite toy. They fight like Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome over them.
-I just don't buy Donald Sutherland as President Snow in The Hunger Games #nerdalert
-Apparently Netflix Instant pulled all the Whitney Houston movies, so the studios can make more $ #soulless
-While the headline on ESPN about Jeremy Lin was unfortunate, I don't think the guy needed to be fired
-"Pitchers and catchers report" are the best four words of every year
-I plan on giving up being thoughtful for Lent
-The Oscars are on Sunday #whocares
-I would never go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans. I hate that city. Love the food. Love the music. Hate the city.
-Kristen Wiig's whole MO on SNL is putting both her hands over her face and acting surprised. Every impersonation.
-Erin shares a birthday with Alan Rickman, Kelsey Grammer, Chuck Palahniuk, a Baldwin, Ellen Page, CP-30 and Rue McClanahan #RIP
-She's probably pretty excited I left Jennifer Love Hewitt off that list #ohwait
-Minimalist piss me off. How dare you not want more stuff.
-Almost done with season 4 of The West Wing. I'm thinking LOST will be next on our rewatch list.
-Then it's up to me to convince the wife to watch The Shield
-Seriously Birthday Cake Oreos may be the greatest invention since penicillin
-Paris Hilton's ex-boyfriends disagree with that last statement.
-The Simpson's 500th episode was enjoyable.  Nothing groundbreaking, but it was solid.
-I see 2 & 3 year olds with ipads and iphones and just shake my head. Heaven forbid interacting with your kids.
-Kids in overalls is the cutest damn thing you'll ever see. Especially my kids. #biased

I'm going to go back to spending time with my wife on her birthday.  Happy Tuesday everyone!


kim {the non-mom blogger} said...

The iPad thing. AMEN.

And Happy Birthday to your lovely wife :)

Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust said...

Um, I agree on the Oreos. And you're birthday part made me a little weepy.

renegademothering said...

Alright. I'll admit it. I got a little teary-eyed at "sappy" portion of this post. You're not a bad man anymore. You're a GOOD man!

Your tweets crack me up for reals. Always enjoy reading them.