Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Twitter Machine Tuesday

The San Francisco Giants were doing a casting call via their website to appear in a commercial for the 2012 season.  I of course wrote the story leading up to their birth and about the fact that one of my daughters is named after Buster Posey.

I received an email yesterday that a producer would be in contact with me to appear in the commercial.  I thought I was pretty special until like three other friends said that they received the same email.  So I think they just wanted people to show up to appear in crowd shots.

Their loss since my kids are adorable and would make for a great ad campaign.  Plus I would have certainly blogged about it and given them the exposure that comes with a readership of literally dozens.

On to the Twitter Machine:
-Are you reading my wife's 30 before 30 series?  She is a MUCH better writer than me, and I love her stories (and her).
-The girls adore my in-laws' dog. Like so much that Ana just walks up to her randomly and hugs her.
-Grace prefers crawling onto the dog bed and laying down. With or without the dog on it.
-I've been brushing hair off them constantly since then.
-What the hell is a Lana Del Rey?
-Thought Super Bowl Sunday would be a good day for snowboard lessons, but the weather hasn't really cooperated #inconvenienttruth
-Pinterest gives wives/girlfriends one more reason to be mad their husbands/boyfriends didn't get them the perfect gift.
-Blake Griffin's dunk was ferocious and entertaining as hell, but let's not crown it #bestdunkever just yet
-I'd still say Baron Davis on Kirilenko was a bigger game and a better dunk
-I say this with a certain amount of pride: I've never watched a second of Glee or American Idol #sorryFOX
-We should be finished with Season 3 of The West Wing by the end of the week. #giftthatkeepsongiving
-I think I'm going to try and get Erin to watch The Shield. May take some convincing but it's excellent television.
-I have a perfect gift for the traditional 5th Anniversary theme, but I don't know if I can wait until July to give it to Erin #wood #impatient
-There's a contest to watch nothing but The Simpsons for 5 days straight in honor of the 500th episode. Can't enter. #stupidwork #stupidresponsibilities
-Seriously 500 episodes! That is staggering.
-I can't get behind a high school kid picking his college being a televised event. Seems exploitative.
-Of course I wouldn't hesitate to appear in a Giants commercial with my girls #hypocrisy
-Trying to figure out which book I should read next on my Kindle #suggestions
-I really have no interest in the Super Bowl. I feel like such a girl because I care more about the commercials.
-I mean David Beckham in his underwear for H&M screams football #ineurope
-Which leads me to 2 questions: 1. Why is H&M buying ad time during the Super Bowl? 2. When will it air?
-I don't know if that last joke translates well without the over-the-top gay voice that I do way too well
-Haven't had Thai food in too long. That absolutely needs to change. Pad Thai and Panang Curry = YUM
-Erin says we can't go see The Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys because it would be back-to-back concert nights. #partypooper
-I need people to convince her why it's an awesome idea.

I'll leave you with a picture of Grace with Molly (the aforementioned dog).  As I wrote above, they love her.


Kim {Yep, they are all mine} said...



Re: The Black Keys. I tried to woo Erin with the promise of ME being there - now if that doesn't work, I don't know what will.

erin - mutterings of eringirl said...

David Beckham #rawr