Sunday, April 3, 2011

1000 Words

I've settled on the title of my week in pictures post: 1000 Words.  Clever, right?  I thought so.

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I had to laugh when I saw Kim's blog this morning since her first picture was basically the exact same thing that I was planning on posting.  Great minds I guess.  But we were both going for the same point.  Spring is here!  The weather in our area has been gorgeous this week after about 10 straight days of rain.  Bring on the sun.

Great weather means getting outside with the girls and going on walks.  One great thing about where we live is the number of walking paths and parks that are all within a stone's throw of our house.  Springs and summers are great in our neighborhood.  Lots of kids playing.  Parks with little league in full swing.  Everyone taking their dogs for walks.  I love this time of year.

The other reason to like this time of year is baseball season.  The girls and I were ready for the Giants season this year.  We had our Giants gear ready for Opening Day.

I know these next two pictures are super blurry, but I couldn't help but post them.  As I've discussed before, putting adult-sized things on babies is something that is super cute to me.  Her is Ana rocking her daddy's Giants hat.

And here is the inevitable picture of the hat falling over her eyes.

I love this picture for two reasons: 1. The bottle doesn't seem so big until you take a picture of it up close with Ana, but it looks ENORMOUS in this picture.  2.  Ana is holding her own bottle.  Maybe it was dumb, blind luck that she is holding her own bottle now, but I'd love it if it is more than that.  That means I can play Words with Friends while feeding her.

I can't explain why Grace is so hypnotized by this thing.  I'd call it a toy, but it isn't really a toy.  I'd call it a rattle, but it isn't quite a rattle either.  Basically it has hypnotic effects on my girls.

So hypnotic in fact that Ana passed out.  You are getting very sleepy.  Your eyes are getting heavy.  Now if I could just get them to do things while under my hypnosis.

One of my wife's closest friends from college has a birthday next week.  We love hanging out with them, so we invited her and her husband over for some delicious Mexican food.  Before they came by, I went to a killer cupcake place in our area and picked up some specialty cupcakes for dessert.  Mostly I think my wife just wanted some, and we used a birthday as an excuse to have them.  Sad I know, but they were delicious no matter what the motivation.  In case you're curious that is (clockwise from top left) Raspberry, Confetti, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip, Mint Chocolate and Red Velvet.  Yum!

This is how we spend Sunday mornings.  I absolutely love it.  Could it cause bad habits with the girls wanting to sleep in bed with us?  Yes.  Is that stopping me from bringing them to bed every Saturday and Sunday morning?  No.

Ana is a little laugher.  This in turn makes Daddy act very silly.


Have a great week everyone!


erin said...

i want the weather to stay this way forever so we can walk with our girls everyday =)

Kimberly {YeP, they are all mine} said...

I love all of this!

Is their water in that rattle/toy thingy?

Kimberly {YeP, they are all mine} said...


I haven't had a full cup of coffee yet.

Brandon - Daddy Dialogues said...

No wafer. Just a few plastic balls. It mesmerizes them.

Brandon - Daddy Dialogues said...

Water. Wafer. All the same when you're trying to type on the iPhone I guess.

Elena (Running in Heels After Child) said...

Sunshine, happy babies, walks and cupcakes, life is good.

Happy Monday,


Dani said...

Your girls are mega-cute.

Life looks grand in your part of Blog Land.