Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Let me first say that I know what Easter is really all about.  My wife and I aren't overbearingly religious people.  Sure my wife was a religion major in college and taught religion at a high school before it closed.  But we are more the laid-back faithful types.  We go to church.  We'll be baptising the girls.  I get the religious background to it.

What I came to talk about is the other reasons to love Easter.

I am so excited for Easter dresses!  Before Erin and I knew we were having twin girls, we actually both kind of wanted a boy.  We loved boys' clothes.  The dinosaurs and baseball and trucks along with the dress-up clothes were what we both loved.  Only after we started receiving dresses as shower gifts and seeing them at stores did we realize the potential when it came to girls' clothes.  Part of me really appreciates boy clothes, but now I'm 100% on the girly clothes bandwagon.

I look forward to the spring/summer dresses.  I love bows and flowers to put in their hair and on their heads.  I can't wait to put big hats on them.  Mostly I love the dress-up clothes for girls.  Cute little dresses with polka dots and big bows on them.  I'm really looking forward to seeing my girls in those clothes while holding Easter baskets during an Easter egg hunt.  So exciting!  It kind of sucks that I'm not going to really see the full potential of that until next Easter.

The biggest reason to love Easter (besides Jesus) is the candy.

I have an almost irrational love of Cadbury Creme Eggs and Cadbury Caramel Eggs.  Reese's eggs are the best of all their seasonal offerings.  Starburst jelly beans.  Chocolate bunnies.  Snicker's eggs.  I mean it is a veritable smorgasbord of deliciousness.

Yet Easter isn't considered the predominant "candy" holiday.  Halloween gets that honor, but that is simply based on quantity and not quality.  Easter candy dominates Halloween candy in almost every facet.  Easter embraces fruit-inspired candy.  It steps its game up whereas Halloween just scales back the portions.  Granted both holidays have their own black sheep: candy corn and peeps (both of which are like poison).  At least peeps are trying to be fun in spite of their awfulness.  Candy corn has no redeeming qualities.

I really can't wait for the girls' first Easter because it means cute dresses and stealing from their Easter baskets teaching them not to eat food that is bad for them.

Easter Bunny Try-Outs

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