Sunday, April 10, 2011

1000 Words

Another week, another installment of my pictures worth a thousand words post.  My week in photos for all my readers.  And I'm once again the last person to the linky party over at Kim's blog, but better late than never as I always say.

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So without further ado...

This is me working on my blog this week.  Luckily I have a helper named Hans.  We have another stuffed monkey named Frans.  One is upstairs and the other is downstairs.  He seems to be enjoying what he is reading.  Hopefully that is an indication of others enjoying it.

Ana is also very helpful.  If by helpful I mean that she is a huge distraction from my writing.  Of course wouldn't you let that cute face distract you too?

Grace is silly.  I believe that before she turned to the camera, she was trying to eat my face off.  That or she was just slobbering on me.

Erin spent almost a year studying in Spain.  While she was there, she became great friends with an entire family.  She was closest to the sisters that were around the same age.  She became so close that Ana Cristina is a combination of their names.  We received a package from them this week with a bunch of cute clothes along with these adorable mice with their names embroidered on the arms.  It is such a thoughtful gift, and it serves as a testament to how friendship isn't limited by oceans and continents.

I saw this while in line at the store this week, and I had a couple of questions about it.  First of all I didn't know Tom Selleck had so many movies out.  Secondly why does he have his own row of movies at the grocery store?  Thirdly was it an accident that all this serious-looking movies are in the comedy section?  Or is this based on unintentional comedy?  No matter what, thank you Safeway for introducing even more questions into my life.

I think it is so cute that Grace loves to snuggle up to her sister.  Although it is raising quite the dilemma in our house.  We don't want to start putting them in separate beds because we think they'll miss each other and won't be able to sleep.  I doubt this will be the case, but it will mean less pictures like this once we start doing it.

Obligatory Saturday morning in bed picture.  A tradition unlike any other.

This was the big project of the weekend.  I was pulling out all the crappy grass that was in our back yard when we moved in and replacing it with sod.

I have no idea what the family that owned the house before us did with their lawn/landscaping.  I've come to the conclusion that they must have just grabbed handfuls of seed and chucked it across the yard.  Obviously they didn't care too much about an even distribution of grass.  And the grass seed that I dropped on the bare spots never took.

Basically I had to till all the ground and pull up all the grass.  We're calling it grass because it is the most appropriate term to use in this case.  Tilling isn't fun.  It is a necessary evil when you want your lawn to actually grow.  Immediately following this step, I had to haul all that top-soil to the back yard.

And here is the finished product.  I have to say I'm very proud of myself.  I basically did it all on my own with a little help from our friend Kevin.  People asked why I didn't ask for help.  I can't really say for sure.  I know that I wanted to do this as a gift to my wife and even more as a gift to my girls.  It isn't a huge area, but at least Grace and Ana will have a place to play.  We'll be able to kick soccer balls and roll in the grass.  We'll have a place to camp out during summer evenings.  We can lay on the grass and look up at stars.  I can't think of a better gift to give them, and I can't wait for them to start enjoying it.

Have a great week.  You'll see me next Sunday.


Kimberly {YeP, they are all mine} said...

Good job on the lawn.

Tom Selleck? I'm surprised, too.

More sleeping baby pictures, please.

Brandon - Daddy Dialogues said...

Yes. Who knew Tom Selleck was so prolific post-Three Men and a Little Lady?