Monday, April 18, 2011


I had to work a late night tonight to cover for one of the other managers in the office.  Late night is a relative term of course.  It isn't as if I'm doing the graveyard shift or working until midnight.  I'm here from 9am to 8pm which makes for a long day.  It basically means that we'll be going through the girls' bedtime routine right when I get home, and dinner won't be eaten until some time close to 10.  But this isn't me complaining.  In fact quite the opposite.

I normally am out the door at a little after 6 in the morning and get home around 5 in the evening on most days.  Because I was working the "late" shift today, I was able to sleep past my normal exit time and spend a good portion of my morning with the girls.

Let me tell you, these girls are different people in the morning than they are in the evening.  Apparently getting a night's worth of sleep puts them in a good mood.  Who would've thought?  When I get home in the evenings, they are normally a little fussy which is to be expected when you have such busy and fun-filled days.  The morning however is full of smiles, laughs and talking (or at least noises that we refer to as talking).  I know what my wife means when she talks about how fun they are in the mornings.  I also know why she never leaves home as early as intended.  Why would you want to leave when your kids are being so adorable?

I could focus on the negative and think only about all this time I'm spending away from my family, or I could think about Ana laying on the floor smiling at me while I was getting ready.  I could dread the inevitable crys when I get home tonight, or I could chuckle at the way Grace was smiling wryly as I picked her up from her crib.  I could worry about not being up to unwind and eat until later than I normally do, or I could simply think about how peaceful it was when all my favorite girls were in the big bed when I left this morning.

It's good to know that the girls don't take after their mom when it comes to being morning people.  Put that one in the "Taking after Dad" column.

The Girls following their normal morning of excitement

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