Friday, May 25, 2012

Daddy Daughter Days

Welcome back for another day in the life of a single dad for a day.

It started like every Thursday does with us spending some quality time as a family in the big bed.  Ana was obsessed with her mom's phone this particular morning.  The case later broke into a million pieces.  Erin tried to pin it on Ana, but I'm going with the fact that Erin is a klutz that constantly drops her phone (including leaving it on the hood of her car and driving off with it earlier this week).

One of Ana's favorite new words is "Monkey."  She says it all the time now.  We just so happen to have a book called Monkey See, Monkey Do that is filled with monkey pictures.  This is her reading it, pointing at the pictures and saying "Monkey."

For no particular reason the girls decided to chase each other around the table.  The also made sure to keep their hands on the leather part the entire way around it.  Funny kids.

Grace has always had her own individual style.  When I told them we were going to put their shoes on so we could go to visit their Grandma, Grace grabbed her mom's sandal and put it on as a bracelet.

No pictures of our trip to Elk Grove.  But we saw our Grandma and Pop Pop and Uncle and Aunt and Cousin.  It was actually quite the impromptu gathering.  We went to Mexican food (Plaza Del Sol which has the best carnitas quesadilla ever in case you were wondering).  The other patrons of the restaurant loved our girls and it was a good time.  It may have even made going to Elk Grove worth it.

Grace likes to share (as long as it isn't with her sister).  Drink up Elmo.  You look parched.

On our way to the park to get some wiggles out.  Ana rockin' the Blue Steel.  Grace being too cool for school.  This is life.

Seriously I want to know when they got so big.  This had to have been overnight because I'm pretty sure I would have remembered when this happened.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Diana McClure said...

How precious they are!! They DO get big overnight, you just didn't pay attention when everybody told you that would happen when you weren't looking!!