Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Twitter Machine Tuesday

Last week I took a blog vacation.

It wasn't so much a vacation as I just was busy and didn't really want to sit down and write anything.  I lacked inspiration and desire.  Those are necessary ingredients to do anything, so I did nothing as far as my blog was concerned.

I also did something I don't normally do: I didn't write a Twitter Machine post.

I'm sure you were all sitting by your computers hitting the refresh button on your Google Reader page until you went to bed last Tuesday.  As equal parts disappointment and sleep washed over you that night, I was basking in the glory of doing nothing.  And it felt pretty good actually.

But it couldn't last.  I like my own opinion too damn much to stop writing.  And I especially like parsing it out in bite-sized nuggets for all to consume.  So I'm back to share my random musings with the world.

You're welcome America.

-This is the worst season of Biggest Loser that has ever been produced. There isn't one single likable contestant.
-I'm actually rooting for the fat to win #underdog
-Why didn't Roger Sterling drop acid sooner? He's back to being a cut-up. #madmen
-Roger's reaction and laugh alone to the "spread your legs and fly" comment was priceless.
-Derrick Rose tearing his ACL makes me so sad. He is one of the most exciting players in the league. #NBA #chicagobulls #sucks
-It also reminded me of when Chris Webber crumpled to floor back in 2003 #sacramentokings
-Al Qaeda encoded their plans on porn. The one place no one would look.
-I hate the Dodgers. Using the word HATE hear. But Matt Kemp is playing as well as anyone ever has.
-I want to see the shit out of The Avengers.
-Watched Iron Man and Captain America again this past weekend. RDJ really is the man.
-The girls are now obsessed with bubbles #inevitable
-Ana says "bubbles" all the time.
-They're building a Titanic 2. When will we learn?
-How long before James Cameron makes a terrible movie about it?
-I can't believe the LA riots happened 20 years ago. Makes me feel so old.
-My new obsession: MLB Beat the Streak
-When you say "wiggle, wiggle" Grace dances and shakes her head back and forth until she falls over #adorable
-Why does Whitney Cummings exist? And why does she keep getting work?
-She really is my least favorite Muppet. But she's my most favorite burn victim.
-I didn't know they turned Once into a Broadway musical. I love that movie and that soundtrack.
-The Dark Knight Rises is going to be ridiculously awesome.
-The newest trailer is amazeballs
-Amare is such an idiot. Punching glass seems like a great idea to vent your frustration. #NBA #stupidpeople
-I have a donor sticker on my license. No need to post it to Facebook. #thanksbutnothanks
-Bin Laden was killed a year ago. Doesn't it seem like it just happened?
-RIP Amarillo Slim. #legend
-Ana had a run in with the fireplace. More on that tomorrow.

It feels so good to be back.  Thanks for reading all my fake Tweeps.

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Becoming Supermommy said...

For the last leg of the Twitter machine, it's like you were channeling my brain...


...I'll be quiet now.