Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Golden Gate

Sunday was a pretty special day for the city of San Francisco.  It marked the 75th Birthday of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Because the Golden Gate is the most iconic landmark west of the Mississippi and probably the most famous bridge in the world (No offense to both Brooklyn and London Bridge), there was a huge celebration planned over the entire weekend.  It was capped off with a massive fireworks show on the bridge itself.

We happen to know the family that was shooting the show, so we were invited to watch it from a chartered boat on the bay.  Of course we would never miss it.

Luckily my parents could watch the girls since taking them would have been impossible.  I'd love for them to have gone, but they would have been up way past their bedtime and the boat would have been all sorts of unsafe for them.  So we had to spend most of our normal family Sunday without them.

Ana tried to stop us from leaving without her
 We spent the day with Erin's family and friends which was a blast.  We walked around the city to different apartments and took in breathtaking views of the city.  We also ate at Tony's Pizza in North Beach which was fantastic.  There was one pizza called The Barcelona that had a chorizo sauce, Manchego cheese, eggs and Jamon.  It was to die for.  I honestly was wishing I was hungover and it was breakfast time because it would have been the perfect food for it.

Happy Birthday
 The real good times started on the boat.  Obviously there were many "I'm on a Boat" and Gilligan's Island references as we embarked on our three-hour tour of the bay.  We had drinks and joked.  We heard stories of friends taking their kids to see the 50th birthday.  I couldn't think of a place I would rather be during the show.

The City

Golden Gate

When the show itself started, I was in awe for 20 minutes straight.  I only took a handful of pictures which couldn't really capture just how amazing it was.

There was also video shot of the show which could never capture just how incredible it really was.  Obviously you should still watch it if you weren't actually there to see it in person.

Before we went to the city, we drove to Pacifica to visit Erin's grandfather.  He is turning 92 in a few weeks and was so happy to see us.  He told us all sorts of wonderful stories including a few that involved the Golden Gate.  This really put everything about the celebration into perspective for me.  For all the iPhones, Computers and HD televisions that have come along, the Golden Gate has remained.  It has been there welcoming people to California and America since 1937.  It has awed multiple generations and will continue to do so for generations to come.  Erin's grandpa walked across the same bridge that we have both walked and driven across, and our grandchildren will do the same.

I told Erin right after the show was over that we can take our girls to the 100th anniversary.  She laughed at me when I said it because it is still 25 years away, but I was totally serious.  It is something I'm now looking forward to sharing with them.  When something like the Golden Gate stands for 75 years, it should remind us that the things that stand the test of time are the things we should share and celebrate.

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I love this post. The 100th anniversary will be wonderful.