Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Twitter Machine Tuesday

Part of being in this business is not actually getting holidays off.  So yesterday I was at work when most everyone else was BBQing or spending the day outside.  I can't complain about that because I knew what I was getting into when I signed up.

What I can complain about is the migraine that I endured for over three hours while at work.  It was no fun.  It was only augmented by the fact that most of my job involves looking at a computer screen for hours at a time.  I was useless.  I went home early to sleep it off, but I couldn't even do that.  The girls wanted to play, but I was busy with a blanket on my head writhing in pain.  I hate migraines especially on a day when I should be outside having fun with my daughters.

It did pass eventually and I did get to sick outside with my girls, so it wasn't a completely horrible day.

Anyways you don't care about my migraine; you care about my Twitter Machine.  Read on.

-We didn't watch Mad Men this week and I'm having Draper withdrawals #madmen
-We missed it because of the 75th Birthday for the Golden Gate bridge on Sunday. More to come on that tomorrow. #goldengate #imonaboat
-The Avengers weren't defeated by alien hordes. They were defeated by guys in suits who fight alien hordes #MIB
-Once again proving that Will Smith could star in a movie that no one actually wanted to see and still make money
-Although I would like to see it just because Josh Brolin absolutely nails the Tommy Lee Jones impression
-New Mumford and Sons album is coming in September. More excited than Jesse Spano right now
-I've got another Criminally Underrated post in the works. Some stuff that you should definitely give a try.
-Do we need any more proof that Florida is horrible? Naked cannibalism tells me that we'd be fine with 49 states.
-Apparently Bath Salts are to blame. Which is actually a term used for LSD. Pretty sure they don't sell them at Lush though
-Ana likes to pull the blankets over her head when we try to wake them up in the morning #justlikemom
-I'm now referring to The Bachelorette as a total bro down
-You may call me an idiot, but seeing Barry Bonds at the Giants game yesterday was great
-I can't condone the choices he made. I can just remember that I never wanted to miss one of his at bats.
-I feel like Pat Summit and Bob Dylan aren't really on the same level as the guy who eradicated smallpox #presidentialmedaloffreedom
-How badly did headline writers want to do a "Hatfields & McCoys make history" headline? #historychannel
-Can't wait for Tosh tonight. I've missed him mercilessly insulting people.
-I'm not a big video game player, but just once I'd like to go to E3. It looks very cool.
-You know what makes the Most Interesting Man in the World ads even more awesome? Chuck Norris writes them.
-Ana likes to hit Grace with sticks, bats or anything else she can swing. Probably not a good habit to develop there #iketurner
-moviesimpsons.tumblr is my new favorite website. Beware of slow browsers what with all the gifs

That's all for this week.  Did you go enter my 200th Post Contest?  You should.  Go now.  Also tell your friends and lower your odds of winning.  See you next Tuesday.

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