Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pretty In Pink

I always thought I wasn't fond of girly stuff like pink outfits, flowers and princesses.

It's funny how your own kids change your perspective on stuff like that.

Don't get me wrong I still hate princesses.  I've made that very clear.  But I've grown to appreciate the girly things that have become commonplace in my life.  Our house is filled with flowers and butterflies and bows and other assorted stuff.

Before you get all "Those are gender stereotypes that you're perpetrating!  Watch it." I get that boys can wear pink and play with flowers and crap.  But those are still girly things.  You show me a boy in a flowery dress with a bow in his hair, I'll show you parents that are just trying to prove a point.  We get it.  You're so much better than us because you view your kid as a person and not a boy or girl.  Hooray you!  Now go back to your commune and make sure you don't trip on your Birkenstocks.

Case in point, I never really feel anything for tutus.  They were pink and frilly and just there.  That was until yesterday when Grace walked into our bedroom holding a pink tutu that she pulled from the closet.  She wanted to wear it, so we put it on her.  The smile that stretched across her face was like the sunrise lighting up the entire room.  Ana didn't want to be left out, so she ran into the other room to grab her own tutu and shouted "TUTU."  We put hers on and they both started dancing.

After I died and was brought back to life, I took a few pictures.  If you're an anti-pink guy like myself, it is moments like this that will change your mind.

Oops I just died again.

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