Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Twitter Machine Tuesday

I keep writing introduction paragraphs like I normally do on my Twitter Machine posts, but I keep finding myself saying "That would be better as a full post."  There are times when I can literally think of nothing to write, and today I've shelved three different posts because I want to expand on them.

Now I'm left grasping at straws in my intro to this post.  Honestly.  The well is dry.

How about this: I'm closing in on my 200th post.  I'm on the fence whether I'm going to do another giveaway like I did to celebrate my 100th post.  And if I do another giveaway, I'm going to need some ideas on what swag to hand out.  I could stick with Icing on the Cupcake since it is so delish.  I should do something that is a little more enticing to those loyal readers living outside of my neck of the woods.  I'll take suggestions in the comments.  I may not actually do anything you suggest, but I'll at least read them.

On to the Twitter Machine

-My wife secretly loves watching The Bachelorette with me. I'm just so angry with its existence and don't hold back any snark.
-I honestly wish I could punch every douche on that show right in the junk. Without question they'd deserve it.
-The problem with The Bachelorette is there isn't anything else on during the summer, so the DVR is taken over by it. #summersucks
-How many people have permanent cornea damage after the eclipse on Sunday?
-Can you put a price on something that you use to tell friends random crap throughout the day? #facebook #38dollarsashare
-The first Anchorman 2 trailer is magnificent!
-In fact there are two teasers, and both are amazing.  Jean-creamin' time!
-In related Will Ferrell news: He'll be in movie with Zach Galifiniakis. Too much hilarity.
-How many people have to be beaten up in parking lots before we just get rid of the Dodgers? #mlb #classyfans
-We need to make more trips to Costco if only to replenish our supply of boxes for the girls to play with
-One good thing about the summer: Our girls are rocking total sandal tans with their Salt Water Sandals
-I got mentioned way more than the car in this article, but I appreciate it all the same.
-Honestly if Don and Joan hooked up it would be too sexy #madmen
-Erin found a 24 pack of Blue Moon at Costco for $22, and they threw in two free pint glasses #yesplease
-I miss LOST. I think it's just about time to rewatch it.
-Sometimes I miss our old life in the condo. Actually I only miss the restaurants.
-We downloaded the Elmo Calls app. The girls absolutely love it.
-Erin got hooked on Smash. I'll hear it from the other room, and all I can think is how atrocious the writing is.
-Any recommendations on good books. I'd like to start reading before bed this summer.
-I won't be taking any 50 Shades of Grey suggestions seriously
-Can we all agree that we don't want to see LeBron James win it all? #nba #miamiheat
-I would literally have no problem with any of the other remaining teams winning the title. #nba
-I'm just kind of going through the motions at this point. Like LeBron in the 4th quarter. #zing

That is all for this week.  Like I wrote before taking suggestions in the comments, so fire away.  See you next Tuesday.


Christina said...

I think you should do the cupcakes. Then you can give them to your favorite sister!

kim {the non-mom blogger} said...

A case of Blue Moon with pint glasses. And oranges.