Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Awaiting Further Instructions

I am dumb.

Actually let me clarify that.  I am not good at reading instructions.  So me being dumb isn't because of a lack of intelligence.  It has more to do with me not doing appropriate research.

So more accurately I am lazy which can easily be confused with stupidity to the untrained eye.

You may be wondering what the hell I'm talking about which is fair because to this point I've presented a very poorly laid out post with no background information (Once again lazy).

I've written a few times about Grace and her new carsickness issue.  It's pretty gross what with the vomiting and such.  You'd think I'd be used all the bodily functions by now, but we've been lucky with our girls when it comes to throwing up.  It just hasn't been issue until now.

After this issue came up before, I figured the obvious solution was taking off the cover on the car seat and throwing it in the washer and dryer.  I mean it's fabric.  Fabric can go into a washing machine.  That would clean it and kill the smell.  Win-Win.

Not so much.

Apparently the instructions on the car seat go out of the way to tell you not to machine wash them.  As I covered earlier, I don't read instructions, so I of course didn't know that Britax recommends to hand wash their covers.  After removing them from the dryer I found out why.

The cover is completely frayed and falling apart.  It looks like two dogs thought there was roast beef hidden inside and decided to fight over it.  I never thought my washer and dryer were such a destructive force.

Now we can either crudely stitch it back together or buy a new cover for a staggering $60.  Obviously we're leaning toward the former.  But all this could have been avoided if I simply read the instructions.  Or if the kid didn't throw up in the first place (yeah that's me blaming Grace in a roundabout way).

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