Friday, January 6, 2012

Daddy Daughter Days

It seems as though I haven't written one of these in quite some time.  Must be because I've gone in to work almost every Thursday for the last couple of weeks.  Well I'm back for another installment this week.

Let me first apologize to anyone that follows me on Instagram since you'll be seeing all the same pictures that posted throughout the day.  Also get over it.

The day started like every Thursday does.  The girls snuggling on the bed/floor in our bedroom with me.  It may be the best part of my life.  That isn't hyperbole.  I actually think it is the best part of any day and therefor the best part of my life.

I mean wouldn't wake up to this be the best part of your day too.  Ana loves to play.  Even when she is having her morning bottle (as you can kind of see in the bottom right corner above).

There also seemed to be a theme of Grace being obsessed with clothes throughout the day.  Also she was in a very helpful mood.

Here she is "helping" reorganize one of the dresser drawers in her bedroom.  Diaper covers and pajamas apparently go on the floor now.

Here she is wearing a hat that supposedly came from Peru.  She cannot get enough of this hat.  She digs into baskets to find it and tries to put it on when she does.  Her idea of putting it on is just throwing it on top of her head until it falls off.  Then she throws it on there again.  Normally her and Ana will pull off whatever we put on their heads immediately, but this hat is special.  Grace will keep it on all day.  Also how am I ever supposed to say "No" to her about anything?

Here Grace is helping with the laundry.  Very good folding kiddo. Erin already thanked me for posting a picture of her underwear to the internet.  Of course that was on Instragram where my pictures are private.  Now it's really on the internet, and you're welcome.

We loaded up the car and I drove extra carefully to Target to avoid any puke-splosions.  We had some normal shopping to do, but there was one special fun item for the girls.  New slippers for them to wear around the house.

After we got home it was time for afternoon naps.  Not according to Grace.  It was time for her to stay awake, yell and play with dad.

We purchased magnetic letters for the girls for Christmas.  It didn't take long for things to get inappropriate.  I'm sure everyone is very surprised by this.  You know since I'm such a mature adult and will serve as a constant and positive example of decorum and good taste for my girls.  That second one was all for Erin, Kim, Dani and Janelle.  Yes, it was an inside joke so inside that it was on my fridge.

As always it was my favorite day of the week.  I'm glad to share a piece of it with all of you.