Friday, January 27, 2012

Daddy Daughter Days

I came to the realization the other day that I never sleep in.  Even on my days off I'm still up early with the girls.  This is where my wife says "That's because you sleep through them waking up at night."  I don't disagree with that.  It's a blessing and a curse being a heavy sleeper.  A blessing for me and a curse for her.

So I was up early on Thursday with Grace.  She is still sick with a runny nose and cough.  She never has slept late, and she definitely doesn't when she is under the weather.  In spite of this she remains in good spirits.  Usually this translates to her playing in our room every morning with stuffed animals.  She especially loves carrying around the stuffed cow that I got for her mom.  His name is Ding.  Although she shows her love for him in a strange way.

You see the cow has a little button in it that makes a mooing noise.  Grace loves the moo, but she doesn't really know what causes it.  She was so excited about it last night that she slammed it on the tile near our fireplace thus killing the moo.  It's okay though because she makes the mooing noise in its place.

Erin often gives me a hard time for the outfits I put the girls in.  Either they look too much like boys.  Or the pants don't go with the shirt.  Or they wear a certain outfit too much.  Or they have cuter clothes than that.  It gets a little annoying because my motivation is to make sure they are dressed appropriately for the weather and situation.  I think in spite of stripes and polka dots clashing that I did a good job on this outfit.

Grace loves hats.  She loves to play with them.  She loves to try and put them on.  She loves to take them off of me.  In fact Ana joined in on the taking the hat off dad fun today.  But the moment Ana took it off my head, Grace was putting it on hers.  There just isn't anything cuter than a kid in clothes or hats that are too big for them.  Although you can judge for yourself.

The girls still are climbing onto the fireplace like it's the most fun thing in the world.  I just have to resign myself to not getting it.

Here Ana has found a nice quiet place to read.  They both speak in this random language when they're looking at books.  It's almost as if they're interpreting the story and saying what they see.

I had about 40 minutes of a break right around lunch time when the girls are napping.  I call it my Justified time because that's when I watch the Justified episode I taped on Tuesday.  As an aside you really should be watching that show.  For all the guys, it's witty, funny and is a well-done crime show.  For all the ladies, it's witty, funny and Timothy Olyphant.

What I was starting to say is that I don't really have much rest on Thursdays because nap time is clean the house time.  I cleaned the kitchen and did the dishes.  I picked up the assorted messes they had made throughout the morning.  I tried to straighten out the house where I could.  The naps were short-lived since the girls both sprung back into action after a little over an hour and a half.

Post nap was all about a trip to the store.  Gotta stay busy, right?  I picked up some essentials and stuff for dinner.  Erin's plan was to make Chow Fun which is freaking delicious, so I picked up all the ingredients.  I sent her a picture of a noodle and asked if it would work, but there was a delay in her response.  This caused me to meander to this section:

And not pictured is what I purchased: Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Black IPA.  Damn that is a tasty beer, and I only bought it because Erin was too slow to respond.  Otherwise I would have been ready to check out with no beer.  Your own fault Erin.  But sipping on a Stone IPA to close out my day was a great way to unwind after being on my feet or rolling on the floor with them all day, so it worked out for the best.

As always it was another great day with my girls.

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Jill said...

hi, brandon! found you through the M&M blog hop :) your girls are too cute!

we've got twin girls who are almost 3 and another 10 month old. girls are awesome...i love that you're a daddy blogger!