Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Twitter Machine Tuesday

I don't get the whole New Year's Resolution thing.

I mean I understand trying to be a better person or lose weight or eliminate all your vices, but why does a day on the calendar have to precipitate this?  It may be a little Pollyannaish of me to say, but wouldn't it be much more of an accomplishment to give up drinking and eating poorly during the holiday season?  That would really show some resolve.

My resolution is to stop putting pictures of cartoon birds on my Twitter Machines.

Twitter Machine time!

-I think my frustration about resolutions stems from trying to go to a gym the first week of the year.
-Grace is getting car sick on regular basis which worries me. Possible inner ear issue?
-Erin and I talked about doing a cleanse to start the year #nothappening
-Instead I'm drinking more V8
-I'm just going to say it: See's Candy is a little overrated. It's like panning for gold and only getting nougat.
-Give me a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup all day long over anything See's offers.
-46 days until pitchers and catchers report #sfgiants
-I suggested to my wife that we do a beer cleanse where we drink nothing but beer #BRILLIANT
-Anyone that doesn't giggle every time they say caucus is entirely too mature for their own good
-Celebrating the new year with a cold.
-Erin keeps telling me mind over matter. I'm pretty mentally strong, but I can't think my way out of a runny nose.
-I hope the girls don't get sick
-Mutterings of Eringirl is coming back in 2012!!! I love when my wife blogs.
-Reading Moneyball on the Kindle thinking how much smarter everyone in that book is than me.
-It's funny to read about these prospects that were drafted that actually didn't amount to anything
-Maybe they aren't that much smarter than me after all
-It's funny to see reactions from people when you put on a tie and you don't normally wear one.
-I'm reminded every time I watch The West Wing that I don't have to like the politics to love the show.
-Also Josh Lyman is one of my all time favorite TV characters. #thewestwing
-And I think in spite of my politics that I'd still probably vote for Jed Bartlet #thewestwing
-I keep thinking The Hunger Games is so far away until I realize it is about 2 months from now
-Ana refused to go to sleep the other night, but she enjoyed watching The West Wing with us. #goodtaste #getsitfromherdad
-Did the Mayans have a track record with predictions? Why do we just trust this end of the world one?
-That being said you better believe I'm looking for John Cusack when this all goes down. #2012 #endoftheworld
-Saw pictures of the Acura NSX made for The Avengers movie #wow #beautiful #wantone
-We had an entire conversation the other night about Garrett's popcorn and how wonderful it is.
-Popcornopolis is good too, but I don't know that it ever stood a chance #cheesecorn #FTW
-It's times like these where my grandad would insist that I "need a steam" to fix my sickness. I'd go for it.

I'm going to drink a gallon of theraflu now. Yay for my first 2012 post!

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Dani said...

I hope you feel better, Twitter Machine.

See's candy sucks. I'm partial to sour patch kids and hot tamales.

But since I'm doing this damn cleanse, I get nothing. I do agree, it's probably easier for vegans or vegetarians in the beginning. Day 2, and your beer cleanse sounds mint.

I hope your sweet girlies stay well and there's no more car sickness.