Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Twitter Machine Tuesday

I really wanted to stop putting pictures of cartoon birds on my twitter machine every week.  In fact I wrote this in my post last Tuesday.

The first thing my wife said "I like the pictures of birds.  Why did you stop doing that?"

I stopped because it really is a pain to find a topical cartoon bird every week.  Or any cartoon bird without repeating myself.  I don't see why they're needed in every Twitter Machine post, so I'm sticking to my guns and not including them from here on.  My wife will have to get over it.

Welcome back to the Machine.

-I forgot how addicting Streak for the Cash is on ESPN.
-@erinsgirls is on-board with it too. She just wants me to get to 27 wins so we can win $50k
-30 Rock is back this week! With Parks and Rec, 8-9pm Thursdays may be the best hour on TV
-We've knocked out the entire first season of The West Wing in just over 2 weeks #dedicated
-Grace loves hitting Ana in the head with plastic hangers. I told her No and she smiled and kept on hitting her #violent
-Spoke to my old boss the other day about an unemployment hearing. Don't miss that.
-People who play made-up words in Hanging and Words with Friends have earned a special place in hell
-That last one was a little harsh. Maybe a special place in purgatory.
-Ana has been pretty anti-sleep over the last week or so. She likes to yell from upstairs for 30-45 min after bedtime. #fun
-Probably too old for it now, but damnit I want to go to Coachella #blackkeys #arcticmonkeys #radiohead #theshins #dreandsnoop #florenceandthemachine #COMEON
-I didn't even know the Golden Globes were this weekend, and I'm okay with that
-One band that didn't make my criminally underrated list: Fleet Foxes. Maybe a little too well known.
-I also have quite a few more movies that are relatively unknown to share down the road
-Our girls are quite fond of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons #whowouldathought #jerseyboys
-Pre-sale for The Hunger Games go on sale just in time for Erin's birthday
-Maybe she'll like that instead of massage #notlikely
-Reading Mercury Falls on the Kindle. Pretty good book that reads a little like Douglas Adams.
-Saw some commercials for the movie Chronicle with Wallace from The Wire #intrigued
-I got invited to Google+. I just don't think I need one more piece of social media to distract me.
-New Snow Patrol album. Yes please.
-Ana likes to bite when she gets excited. We'll be playing or tickling and out come the chompers.
-Bud Selig needs to be shown the door not offered an extension
-I think I'll be starting to read longer bedtime stories to the girls very soon. Maybe tonight.

Hope you all have a wonderful week.

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