Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Twitter Machine Tuesday

I just want to clear up something from yesterday's post.  Erin read it and defended herself that she intuitively almost always knows what the girls want or need.  I agree with this.  There is a connection that we both have with them that allows us to know what it takes to make them happy.  The whole point was that we can't understand everything they "say" or want because they still can't express themselves well enough verbally.

I really wish I knew every thought in their head.

On to the Twitter Machine!

-Have you ever noticed rappers either talk about how shitty their life is or how much money they have?
-Can't we get a rapper that pays his mortgage on time and has a modest but diversified stock portfolio?
-Ricky Gervais was a little reserved on the Golden Globes, but his line about Colin Firth being racist was hilarious.
-I thought the captain always goes down with the ship #costaconcordia #rocktheboat
-Apparently the Golden Boy has greater powers than Jesus #tebow #tombrady
-That 49ers game was the best I've ever seen. And I'm not just saying that because it was recent.
-This from @erinsgirls: How can a silent movie win Best Screenplay? #wellplayed #theartist
-We're worried Ana may have her first ear infection. Not excited about that.
-How will I create fake facts on random Wikipedia pages tomorrow with them going dark? #SOPA
-Alcatraz bothers me because shouldn't people from the 60s be a little concerned about just appearing in the future?
-Paula Dean having diabetes is about as surprising as the Marlboro Man having lung cancer.
-Erin has a stuffed cow that moos and Grace adores it. She walks around our bedroom with it all the time. #loveher
-I'll just assume Brad Pitt was using a cane because he was crushed under his own handsomeness. #noresearchneeded
-Who says: "Napolean Dynamite cartoon?  That's a great idea!"
-Obesity is really a problem in this country when Hostess filing Chpt 11 leads to countless Twinkie eulogies. #perspective
-Betty White's birthday was an actual TV show. There's a reason why NBCs ratings are terrible and America is stupid.
-Justified is back tonight. I freaking love that show.
-One month until the Giants' pitchers and catchers report. Gotta love baseball.
-Grace knows the word "ball" and she also knows how to throw one in her own way. She loves baseball too. #inherblood
-As always I couldn't agree more with Janelle on this.
-I've figured out what I'm getting Erin for her birthday and possibly for our anniversary #planningahead
-She of course wants me to tell her what it is.
-It's about time cold weather has moved into our area. At least before winter ended.

Hoping for lots of rain and snow the rest of this week.  Hope everyone has a great one.

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renegademothering said...

You are really, really good at this 160 characters or less thing. (Is that the right number?)

Personal favorite was the "America is stupid" part. So, so stupid.