Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Design

I know I have a lot of followers who check in through their Google Reader.

Actually I don't know that at all.  I just tell myself that's the reason why I don't get a ton of pageviews or comments.  It's a way to protect my fragile psyche.

Anyways I redesigned my blog with the help of my wonderful wife, and all you Google Reader folks that never come to my actual page should stop in and give it a gander.

As you can tell if you're already on the homepage, I'm really embracing the fact that I'm a Giants fan with this new color scheme.  Erin was the inspiration behind that when she scoffed at me even thinking about including pink.  I think her shaming me into doing something different worked out for the best.

I also added my 30 by 30 list to the left column.  I'll be tracking my progress on the homepage now, and I'll cross them off as I complete them (if I complete them).  For those of you reading this on an iPhone (which is like 25% of my readers), you'll still be treated to my mobile format and won't see all the extraneous stuff.

As far as the new header, that was 100% her because I don't have the style or design talent that she does.  I could have never done anything as good as she churned out in less than 30 minutes.

Take a second and look it over.  I'm no king of web design, so I don't expect to be lauded for it.  In my wife's words "It doesn't look professional or anything.  It looks like you."  Ummm, thanks?

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erin - mutterings of eringirl said...

Ok, my comment sounds bad when you put it like that. But it's two separate statements: I don't do professional design, so this isn't professional by any means.

Separately, this blog is definitely "you" with the orange and black!! I am glad you like it. That's all that matters.